Life as a Millennial Mommy


My name is Bri, and I am a proud mother of a darling little boy, and two large dogs! I am a stay at home mom who works part-time (from home), and am a lover of crafts and baking.Torben and Dogs

I have the most absolutely supportive husband in the world – he is super dad and is immensely helpful in this adventure called parenthood!

I’m fairly new to this mommy thing, but I’m sure we can all relate. My favorite things so far about this bundle of joy: snuggles, playtime, dressing, smiles, photos! I could spend all day playing and taking photos if he’d let me.


It’s amazing to me how innocent, dependent, and absolutely loving babies are. The first week by myself was probably the hardest. By this point my babe was already 3 weeks old, but there was so much adjusting to do. With the help now gone, I had to figure out how to manage myself, a newborn, and a house… I can only imagine what it’ll be like when we have another kid!

I won’t lie to you, they don’t tell you what to expect when you have a baby. You’re sent home from the hospital with this tiny human and no manual on how to take care of them! But don’t worry, “You’ve got this” – or so I was told numerous times by family, friends, and strangers.


All I can say is: Thank goodness for Google, Pinterest, and a supportive husband!

Even with all the articles I read I still feel like I’m often lost. Not only is there swaddling, installing the car seat, ADJUSTING the car seat to fit the baby, tummy time, feeding, sleeping, vitamin d drops (what?), bathing, and more, but there are thousands of articles and people that contradict each other! To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? To co-sleep or to go straight to the crib?

Thousands. Literally thousands that contradict; and each person feels that their side is the side you should choose. This is what life is like raising a child in 2018.

What I have come to understand quite quickly, however, is that not only every baby, parent, family, and choice is different, but also that you are going to go through trial and error to find what works best for you. If you find something that works, don’t let anyone else tell you “you’re wrong.”

My little one has already reached the 5 month old mark and I am still only somewhat “getting the hang of it,” but my hopes are that by sharing my experiences and advice here in the Mommies Corner, you will be able to take and apply it in your own life.

Let’s go on this journey, together!


Bri – A Millennial Mommy


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